Food and traveling have been the humans’ biggest desires. People travel miles in search for that ultimate taste which will force them to say only one — “Awesome”. Now imagine a restaurant where one would enter and get to know that that he or she will have to eat the food without wearing any clothes. Yes, you read it right. The restaurant is in London and will open in June. And guess what it has already a booking of over 16,000 people.Also Read - Scotland Detects 6 Omicron COVID Variant Cases, UK Total at 9

The restaurant, to be opened by Lollipop founder Seb Lyall, has been the talk of the town since some couple of months. Lyall, who is a London restaurateur, is known for his innovative concept for dining all across United Kingdom, but this time he has crossed all levels of creativity. Lyall has innovated the concept after getting the idea, while eating his breakfast fully nude. Briefing his idea of restaurant, Lyall said to Washington post, “It’s liberating. It’s fun and sometimes the neighbors watch — fine, whatever. It’s my home and my space, and that’s kind of the space we’re trying to create in the restaurant — our own little space. It will be fascinating what the response is.” ALSO READ: This Chandigarh restaurant charges Rs 312 for 2 mineral water bottles, fined by consumer court! Also Read - Karnataka Seeks Travel Ban on Passengers Coming From Nations Hit By Omicron Covid Variant

The restaurant is named as Bunyadi, a clothing-optional, and is a pop-up restaurant  in which there will be an option for the customers whether they want to eat their food with their clothes on or not. Those who opt to eat with no clothes will have to order their food and than keep their belongings at the separate lockers. The customers will also be provided with a robe to make their way to the naked dining section and for the safety of people, the photography has been prohibited. Also Read - South Africa Slams Countries Imposing Travel Bans on Fears of Omicron, Calls it 'Knee-Jerk Reaction'

The tables too have been separated with bamboo sections, so that no one’s privacy is being trespassed. Also, only like minded people would be allowed in the naked sections who are there to enjoy the meal in the purest spirit. Adding more information, Lyall said to The Daily Mail, “We believe people should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities. No chemicals, no artificial colors, no electricity, no gas, no phone, and even no clothes if they wish to. The idea is to experience true liberation.”

With the restaurant only having a space to accommodate 42 diners at a time, and Bunyadi‘s capacity to serve only 3,000 customers in three months, the list of 16,000 enthusiastic people may have to wait for the ultimate dining experience. So if you are planning to dine with your loved ones and have a unique experience, try Bunyadi, but be prepared to wait for your turn, which can cross 4-5 months.