New Delhi, June 19: Following the soured ties between India and Maldives, nearly 2000 Indian workers have been denied work permits or visas in the neighbouring country in the last three months, a government report claimed. The authorities have also denied employment visas to 300 Indian workers who were hired by a Singapore-based company.

Sources have informed Zee Media that India is keeping a close watch on the developments in Male. Narendra Modi-led government has also asked agencies to provide the details of the employees who have lost their jobs in the country.

However, the Maldives Immigration had refuted reports that it is denying work permits to Indian  citizens. Immigration Controller Mohamed Anwar said that Maldives Immigration officers do not discriminate when carrying out their duties and the authority will continue to grant Indian citizens work permits and visas in accordance with the country’s regulations, the Edition newspaper reported.

“We’ve been issuing business visas, dependent visas and work permits to Indian nationals and we will continue to do so, within the confines of our regulations,” Anwar said.

While Maldivian citizens are required to carry any previous passports when travelling to India, Anwar said “Maldives does not enforce any such protocols on Indian citizens” travelling to their country.

According to the Edition, some premier resorts in the country had reportedly stated that “Indians need not apply” on job advertisements since the Maldivian government was allegedly refusing to issue work permits to them.

(With inputs from Manish Shukla, Zee Media)