People honestly have crazy definitions of fun. There are people who go to any extent in the name of some “fun” and then justify themselves and their acts as innocent saying it was just in the spirit. However, they hardly ever realise how their fun can cost others and turn out to be a great hassle or issue for others. But they carry on unconcerned and at times even argue with and mock authority when they try to restrict them. And unfortunately, they never realise that what is fun for them might be putting a whole lot of others around them in danger or inconveniencing them. Oh, and by the way, for some, even molesting is “fun”. Also Read - ED Raids Jet Airways Founder Naresh Goyal For Alleged Money Laundering, Books Him Under PMLA

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For Mohammed Abubakar, a man on board a Jet Airways flight was flying from Dammam, Saudi Arabia to Mumbai, India fun can be had anywhere anytime – even at the expense of others. While on the flight, he took fancy to one of the flight attendants. He held her hand while entering the flight and matters only got worse from there. He kept following the air-hostess around and tried to pick a conversation with her. He kept on harassing her and also kept asking her for selfies. Despite politely refusing the man multiple times, he continued to trouble her and kept asking her. Finally, when she adamantly refused, he just grabbed her by the shoulders and clicked a selfie with her! The other 4 flight attendants had to immediately rush to the air-hostess for help as she cried for help! Also Read - Jobless Jet Airways Ex-Employee Moves SC to Spare Him From Paying Maintenance to Wife

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However, Mohammed was clearly not done and molesting a woman wasn’t “fun” enough. After the 4 crew members rescued the air-hostess, Mohammed perhaps perturbed decided to get away from there. He then calmly went into the flight washroom and lit up a cigarette. Smoking is strictly against rules in flights and has a heavy penalty if someone is caught smoking. Also, any flammable objects, sharp objects and especially explosives or sensitive items like cigarette lighters are not allowed in flights. How Mohammed managed to bypass security and sneak in his lighter is also a matter of concern. As soon as he exited the washroom, the alert crew members immediately asked for his cigarette pack and lighter which he handed over.

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He not only molested a woman on the flight but endangered the lives of all other passengers and crew members on the flight. His only explanation for his behaviour? He did it “for fun”. Mohammed was immediately handed over to the authorities as the flight landed in Mumbai. He is currently booked under IPC’s 336 (act endangering life or personal safety of others),354 outraging modesty of women) and Aircraft Rules section 25 (safety violations). Also, to check the claims of the air-hostess and take the selfie, his mobile phone has been seized and sent to the forensic sciences laboratory (FSL) for testing. His rash behaviour and his attitude in endangering so many lives is simply appalling and we hope he is taught a lesson.