Washington: A suspect has been arrested by the Federal agents in Florida in connection with the ‘package bombs’ sent to former United States president Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, actor Robert DeNiro among others. He has been taken into custody.

The bombing suspect has been charged with five crimes, including illegal mailing of explosives, said US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The arrest comes a few hours after suspicious package was found at New York post office addressed to former intelligence director James Clapper. Prior to this, the FBI claimed to have recovered the 11th suspect package. It was sent to Democratic lawmaker Cory Booker.

“We can confirm one person is in custody,” a US Department of Justice spokeswoman tweeted, announcing that a news conference would be held at 2:30 pm (1830 GMT).

At least 12 suspicious packages and mail bombs, sent to top Democrats and liberal critics of President Donald Trump, have been recovered in the past couple of days.