Cairo, June 19: Manuela Franco Barbato the daughter of a former Italian lawmaker Franco Barbato accepts Islam. Manuela who is now a pious Muslim, changed her Facebook profile photo in which he can be seen wearing hijab. She has also changed her name to Aysha and posted on Facebook, “The hijab is my way, the way that Allah has chosen for me”.  The decision of sudden change in Manuela has sparked uproar across Italy. Also Read - Coronavirus: India Surpasses Italy to Claim 5th Position on Global COVID-19 Deaths Chart

Manuela who now prefers to be addressed herself as Aysha, was studying in L’Orientale University of Naples. Before completing her studies she moved to India with her husband and changed her lifestyle completely. (Also Read: Indian national Harinder Pal Singh, 4 others convert to Islam at Zakir Naik lecture in Malaysia) Also Read - Hajj 2020: Muslims Begin Socially-Distanced Hajj Pilgrimage in Mecca, Beautiful Pictures Emerge Online | Watch

She also wrote, “I am proud of the purity of my soul. This is the divine law, who am I to object?”, Huffington Post Italy reported. Aysha is now living with her husband and two childrens in India where the pious woman is now completing her graduation. Before declaring it publicly Aysha lived with her father back at their family home in Naples. Also Read - Scientists Find Evidence of Covid-19 Exposure in Household Cats and Dogs in Italy

On her conversion Franco Barbato, former MP explains how he feels now. The Huffington Post quoted Barbato where he said, “I live this conversion not bad but very bad, because it is a religion too harsh, too radical, too rigid. It is a fundamentalist religion. I saw for myself, my daughter lives with me. I see it every day. When the ‘hour of prayer, even does not care even for children. For that I happened to be angry with her. If a baby cries, it means that he needs something, he needs mom. that’s fanaticism. This is the pain I feel for his choice of life”.

Italy has a total Muslim population of 1.7 million, including 20,000 had recently accepted the religion, Istat a national statistic agency reported.