New Delhi: In a harrowing revelation, several Pakistani women have been reported to have returned home, months after marrying Chinese men, often complaining of abuse, torture, and even prostitution.

The Pakistan authorities have arrested as many as 12 people in connection with a prostitution racket- which deals in trafficking women through fake marriages with Chinese men. According to activists, hundreds of girls have returned home from China in the last one year after being trafficked falsely.

Those arrested include eight Chinese nationals and four Pakistani, said Jameel Ahmad, a top official at Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to foreign news agency Reuters.

According to the report in Reuters, mostly Pakistani Christian girls were targetted.

Another report in the Associated Press read that girls from impoverished families were approached to marry Chinese men in exchange for money. It read that many times, the ‘brokers’ would stand outside churches to interact with prospective bride families.

They would say that Christian Chinese men are on a lookout for brides and willing to pay handsomely- to which many would fall.

The Human Rights Watch had also called on both Pakistan and China to take an action against this human smuggling and in a letter on April 26 stated: “increasing evidence that Pakistani women and girls are at risk of sexual slavery in China”.

Some reports also state that the clergy is often complicit in this ‘trade’ as the Chinese men pay anything from USD 3500 to USD 5000 to the brokers that includes a fee of the pastors in Pakistan, payment to the girl’s family and the broker’ commission.

The Associated Press report said that dozens of pastors are involved to provide brides to Chinese men in exchange for money.