New Delhi: A massive power failure on Sunday hit Argentina and Uruguay, blocking out both the South American countries. Also Read - Argentina Senate Votes to Legalize Abortion in Historic Moment for Women's Rights

“A massive failure in the electrical interconnection system left all Argentina and Uruguay without power,” Edesur Argentina tweeted. Also Read - Maradona Was Maestro of Football, His Untimely Demise Has Saddened Us All, Tweets PM Modi

According to the Uruguayan power company UTE, Uruguay’s system went down at 7:06 AM, AFP said. The power company said that the power cut was due to “a fault in the Argentine network.” Also Read - Daylight Robbery: Thief Snatches Argentinian Reporter's Phone While He Was Preparing For Live Broadcast | Watch

Argentina power companies did not specify any cause for power failure in the country, the news agency confirmed.

An investigation is underway to understand the causes.