Washington, Jan 17: There were reports of a bright light seen in the sky by the residents of Detroit and other parts of South East Michigan on Tuesday evening, in what is being said to be a possible meteor. Reports say the residents also witnessed buildings shaking in Michigan when the light struck the sky. Also Read - Giant Meteor Fireball Falls From The Sky & Crashes Into Ground in China, Leaves Locals Stunned | Watch

The fireball, what many are calling it, was seen at around 8.15 pm on Tuesday and residents also reported a loud sound when it was seen in the sky. The bright light and loud sound were also witnessed across other states including Wisconsin and Ohio. Parts of Ontario in Canada are also reported to have witnessed the phenomenon. Also Read - Canada's Most Populous Province Ontario to Enter Lockdown Amid 2nd Wave of COVID Infections

Many people took to social media to share videos and images of the huge fireball in the sky. People said that the loud sound and shaking buildings scared them.