New Delhi: Hours after Iran fired missiles into two US military bases in Iraq, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei addressed and said that the strike has been a slap in the face of the US. “But military action is not enough. The corrupt presence of the US in this region should come to end,” he said. Also Read - Iran Versus USA: Claims, Counter-Claims, Airspace Mayhem | All we Know so Far

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“Palestinian leaders acknowledge Soleimani’s role in the Palestine struggle. The US plans in Iraq and Syria was foiled by Soleimani. Americans want to turn Iraq into a milking cow, as they did to Saudi Arabia,” the Supreme Leader said.

“Today I bow to what Soleimani’s martyrdom has created,” he added.

While Pentagon is assessing the damage done in the missile strikes, the Iran state media claimed that 80 “American terrorists” have been killed.