New Delhi: More than two weeks after eight suicide bomb blasts ripped across three cities of Sri Lanka and killed nearly 263 people, reports of attacks on Muslims have emerged from a small town near Negombo.

The report outlines strife between the Christians and the Muslims in the Porutota village near Negombo that broke out after a brief spat between a Muslim tuk tuk driver and a group of Catholics.

Reportedly, some Christians wanted to inspect the vehicle owned by a Muslim, refusing to which, they entered into a heated argument. Soon after, an angry mob gathered and ravaged the neighbourhood, attacking properties owned by Muslims.

The tuk tuk was set ablaze and two shops were also vandalised in the clash. Following the clash, a curfew was also imposed in and around the village.

According to a report in CNN, the police officials said that two drunken youths were responsible for the tension in the area.

On Tuesday, the Sri Lankan police and the military said the country is now safe as all those involved in the Easter Sunday bombings have been either arrested or dead and steps have been taken to implement a special security plan following the attacks.

According to Army Commander Lt Gen Mahesh Senanayake, the military had taken steps to ensure national security under the emergency regulations, Colombo Gazette reported.

He said normalcy was returning to the country and the public must not be misled by false reports circulating on social media platforms.

The responsibility of Easter bombings that took place in three churches and as many luxury hotels on April 21 was taken up by the Islamic State. Since then, Catholics of the island nation have also been observing their Sunday Mass from the confines of their homes as all churches have been shut- keeping in mind some security measures.

With IANS inputs