New Delhi, Feb 9: US politician Nancy Pelosi has registered her name in the list of longest speech made at the House of Representatives. Pelosi, 77, spoke for little more eight hour opposing the budget deal which has threatened fresh government shutdown in the United States. Also Read - It's Raining Memes on Twitter After Trump and Pelosi Exchange Snubs at State of the Union Address

Pelosi’s speech was the longest on record on the House floor, CNN quoted House Historian’s office, as saying. The House Minority Leader started speaking shortly after 10 am and wrapped up the speech a little after 6.10 pm. Also Read - Watch: Trump Refuses to Shake Hand, Nancy Pelosi Tears Speech | All About American Dream

She was wearing four-inch-heels while delivering the speech and only sipped water, sources said. Also Read - Trump Impeachment: 'You've Cheapened Importance of Very Ugly Word,' US President Slams Pelosi, Seeks Halt on Impeachment Proceedings

The budget deal, which was proposed by Senate leaders on Wednesday, will require Democratic support to pass the House, so the House Democratic leader’s comments make the plan’s future unclear. (Also Read: US Senate Votes to End Three-day Government Shutdown)

Pelosi said she opposed that the spending deal because it does not include a permanent solution for undocumented immigrants affected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme.

“I have had the privilege of reading the testimony from Dreamers, I still have more,” she said, receiving applause in the chamber. “I thank all of you,” she added.

Before Pelosi’s speech, the longest floor remarks from a leader came from then-House Republican Leader John Boehner in 2009 speaking against the Democrats’ cap and trade legislation, CNN reported.

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