New Delhi, March 13: Your name can reach the Sun now as the United States’ space agency NASA is sending a probe to the star’s atmosphere. The agency is inviting people to send their names for inclusion in a microchip which will be sent to the Sun along with a probe. Also Read - NASA Shares Impressive 10-Year Timelapse of The Sun's Corona by Keeping Unblinking Watch Over it For a Decade

The space agency will launch its Parker Solar Probe in July. It will be the first aircraft to fly with 3.9 million miles of the Sun’s surface into the Corona, the Sun’s atmosphere. The probe will be launched in July. Also Read - Space Tourism Goes Extra as THIS US Company Undertakes to Fly People to Edge of Space

The spacecraft that will carry names near the Sun will be launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida on July 31. NASA had been testing the probe for a year ahead of its launch this summer. It will collect vital information on stars and solar flares. Also Read - Picture From Space! NASA Astronaut Shares Stunning Image of Boundary Between Night & Day on Earth in One Frame

The craft will face extreme radiation and heat from the Sun’s Corona where temperatures reach 1,377 C. It will come within Mercury’s orbit.  The names can be submitted through the probe’s website by April 27, 2018.