Washington: New York has recorded the highest single day death toll for a consecutive day, with 779 people succumbing to the deadly Coronavirus, Governor Andrew Cuomo said, calling it “a terrible news”. He also warned that the number will continue to rise even though the state is “now bending the curve” through the rigorous social distancing measures. Also Read - New York Leads Coronavirus Death Toll With 731 Fatalties in 24 Hours

“The bad news isn’t just bad. The bad news is actually terrible. Highest single day death toll yet (of) 779 people. When you look at the numbers on the death toll, it has been going steadily up and it reached the new height,” Cuomo said in his daily Coronavirus briefing on Wednesday. Also Read - Not Just China, New York Too Has Over 80 'Wet Markets' That Sell & Slaughter Live Animals

The New York death toll from COVID-19 surpassed the number of people who died in the 9/11 attacks, Cuomo asserted, adding that 2,753 lives were lost in the terror attacks and the coronavirus crisis has claimed the lives of 6,268 New Yorkers.

New York had recorded a death toll of 731 on Tuesday, becoming the epicentre of the pandemic. Within a 24 hour period, 779 more people died due to COVID-19.

Describing coronavirus as “a vicious predator of a virus” that targeted the vulnerable from day one, Cuomo said, “The number of deaths will continue to rise as those hospitalized for a longer period of time pass away. The longer you are on a ventilator, the less likely you will come off the ventilator.”

All flags in the state will be flown at half mass in honour of those who have died because of the virus.

Despite the high death rates, the governor said the state is also seeing a flattening of the curve as number of hospitalizations is going down and hospitals are reporting that they are discharging more people than before.

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