Print media around the globe honoured the victims of Paris terror attack by running front page lead stories of the barbaric assault on the innocent French citizens. The co-ordinated terror strike orchestrated by jihadists of Islamic State (ISIS) sent shockwaves throughout the world about the rising might of the extremist faction. Leading newspapers dedicated their entire first page to express disgust against the terror cult and extended their condolences towards the people of France. (ALSO READ: World landmark monuments light up red, white, blue paying tributes to Paris terror attack victims)

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On Friday night (according to French local time), 6 back-to-back terror attacks rocked the French capital of Paris. According to official release, 127 people have been killed. 8 terrorists, affiliated to ISIS carries out at the attacks. While 7 of them blew themselves up with suicide vests, 1 was neutralized by the French security forces.