Niamey: At least 55 have been killed in Niger tanker truck explosion, as reported by AFP. An interior ministry spokesman confirmed the death toll. Also Read - Spooky, Right? This Thailand Woman Dresses up as Zombie to Sell Clothes of Dead People Online

“The toll from the explosion is 55 dead and 36 injured,” the official told AFP. As per reports, the victims were also burnt. Also Read - 'She Had Her Eyes Open': 20-Year-Old Michigan Woman Declared Dead Found Alive at Funeral Home!

What comes as a surprise is that witnesses said that people were trying to collect petrol leaking from the truck, which had overturned on railway tracks when the explosion took place. Also Read - Massive Sandstorm in West Africa Paints The Sky Blood Red, Twitter Calls It 'Apocalyptic' | Watch Dramatic Video