Washington DC: Nikki Haley resigned as US Ambassador to the United Nations on Tuesday, news agency ANI reported. Further, her resignation has been accepted by the US President Donald Trump.

Nikki Haley said that she will not be contesting for 2020 elections but will be campaigning for Trump, the news agency reported.

While addressing a press conference in the Oval Office, Nikki Haley said her job is the “honour of a lifetime”. Donald Trump said, “Nikki Haley did an incredible job, she is leaving at the end of the year to take a break”, CNN reported.

Indian-American Nikki Haley was picked up by US President Donald Trump to serve as US ambassador to the United Nations in November 2016. With the elevation, she became the first Indian-American to be appointed to a cabinet-level post in the US administration.

The 46-year-old daughter of Indian immigrants, Haley is the first woman tapped by Trump for a top-level administration post during his transition to the White House.

Haley has also served as South Carolina’s Governor. As South Carolina Governor, Haley worked on trade and labour issues but brought little foreign policy experience to the office.

Born Nimrata “Nikki” Randhawa, Haley is the first minority and female governor of South Carolina, a deeply conservative state with a long history of racial strife.