London: With two days to go until the crucial Brexit vote, British Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday warned MPs they will face “uncharted waters” if they rejected her deal, saying their actions could lead to a general election, as there was a “very real risk of no Brexit”.Also Read - UK Companies Face Brexit Import Controls In New Year

Speaking to the Mail, May said a rejection of her proposals would mean “grave uncertainty” for the UK. Also Read - UK Brexit Minister David Frost Quits as New COVID Rules Spark Anger

If the deal is rejected, it is unclear what happens next, with May insisting her deal was best for the country. Also Read - 15 Million Baby Bees Could be Seized And Burned in This Country | Here's Why

“When I say if this deal does not pass we would truly be in uncharted waters, I hope people understand this is what I genuinely believe and fear could happen,” May said.

“It would mean grave uncertainty for the nation with a very real risk of no Brexit or leaving the European Union with no deal.”

Downing Street has already denied newspaper suggestions that May could postpone Tuesday’s vote. “The vote is going ahead,” a spokesman said.

In November, the UK agreed a Brexit deal with the EU, however, it still needs to be approved by the Parliament.

Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the DUP, the SNP and dozens of Conservative MPs have said they cannot support the deal, meaning it was unlikely to pass, the BBC said.

She accused Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of thinking of “nothing but attempting to bring about a general election, no matter what the cost to the country” and, in a warning to Tory rebels, said: “I believe Jeremy Corbyn getting his hands on power is a risk we cannot afford to take.”

Brexit Minister Kwasi Kwarteng told Sophy Ridge on Sky News that the deal allowed the UK to leave the EU “in an orderly and smooth way”.

The Brexiteer added: “I understand why people who want to stay in the EU want to do it down… I’m very surprised that people on our side of the argument… are willing to blow up a deal which actually delivers a very good path out of the EU.”