Pyongyang, Feb 27: A North Korean defector has claimed that cheerleaders at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang are being used as sex slaves for top politicians, including Kim Jong-un. The defector also said that dancers and singers were forced to undress at parties held for the Central Politburo– the main decision-making committee of North Korea. These parties are allegedly being held everyday where cheerleaders provide sexual services to senior people in the North Korean regime. Also Read - North Korea's Kim Jong-Un Elected as General Secretary of Ruling Party

42-year-old former musician, Lee So-yeon, who defected in 2008, said cheerleaders and others were forced to sexual slavery. He told Bloomberg that art troupe from North Korea, which provides entertainment and carry forward Kim Jong-un’s propaganda, is also required to provide sexual services to politicians. Also Read - Google Year in Search 2020: Not Sushant, Joe Biden & Arnab Goswami Were The Most Searched People in 2020 | Top 10 List

He said the women have to undress if they attended the winter Olympics. He further said that the women were treated like objects and were forced to bear physical pain. Also Read - Has Kim Jong Un Really Administered Coronavirus Vaccine From China? Here's The Truth

The defector made these claims based on previous experiences. 54-year-old Kim Hyung-soo, who defected to North Korea along with his son in 2009, said women served there as sex slaves.

He said even athletes were Kim Jong-un’s sports ‘slaves’. He said the regime chooses people with loyal background and who are unlikely to defect. He said that everybody is a slave to Kim Jong-un.

Han Seo-hee said that the cheerleading squad was army of beauties. She said that the women were handpicked, based on their good looks. She further said that the women were forced into ideological training.