Washington, July 5: Sending a stern message to its arch nemesis, the United States of America, North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un said the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) developed by his regime would succeed in striking the US mainland. The North Korean dictator used explicit language to convey his aggression, saying, “ICBM is gift for American ba*****s on their independence day,” reported state news agency KCNA.

The statements of Jong-un were celebrated by the state media. “With a broad smile on his face, our leader called on officials to frequently send big and small ‘gift packages’ to the Yankees,” KCNA reported, further listing the capabilities of the ICBM, which could reportedly strike the coast of Alaska from Pyongyang.

According to North Korea, the missile travelled 2,800 kilometers (1,741 miles) above the earth, on being dispatched from from Panghyon, in North Pyongan province and landed in the sea, roughly 930-km away from Korean peninsula. The Kim Jong-un regime claims the missile, loaded with nuclear warhead, would succeed in striking any part of the United States.

In response to the threat posed by Pyongyang, South Korea and US conducted a joint military drill, test-firing all-weather seasoned ballistic missiles.

“The drill was intended as a strong warning against North Korean provocation,” the South Korean Defence Ministry said, after conducting the joint drill. It showcased precision targeting of the enemy’s leadership in case of an emergency,”the statement further added.

Meanwhile, China and Russia adopted a contrasting response. Apart from condemning North Korea for the ICBM test, the two nations appealed US to freeze its deployment of weapons and troops in South Korea at the earliest. The joint statement issued by Moscow and Beijing called for an immediate end on joint military drills conducted by South Korea and US, which could serve as a provocation for the North.