New Delhi: Ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s India visit, China’s ambassador to India, Sun Weidong, said India and China should resolve disputes peacefully through dialogues and consultation for regional peace and stability. Xi is scheduled to visit India and Nepal later this week.

“It’s normal for neighbours to have differences. The key is to properly handle differences and find a solution through dialogue and consultation. Over past decades, no single bullet has been fired at the China-India border area. Peace and tranquility has been maintained,” the envoy said.

On bilateral trade, India and China should go beyond the model of differences management and actively shape bilateral relations and accumulate positive energy. “We should enhance exchanges and cooperation, promote convergence of interests and achieve common development,” he said to news agency ANI.

China has taken active measures to increase imports from India, including lowering tariffs on some Indian imports to China, sending purchasing delegations to India and assisting in the export of Indian agricultural products and pharmaceuticals to China, Sun Weidong said.

On the growing trade deficit between India and China, the envoy said that China has never pursued a trade surplus, and the trade imbalance between China and India is largely the result of differences in their industrial structures.

Emphasising on the similarities both the ancient cultures share, the envoy said, “Nowadays when we go to China, we find that practising Yogam drinking Indian Darjeeling tea and watching Bollywood movies have now become a fashion among the young Chinese people.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has arrived in China on Tuesday on a two-day visit to China during which he will hold talks with the top Chinese leadership, including President Xi Jinping, and discuss issues of regional and bilateral significance.

Prime Minister Khan was received by Chinese Minister for Culture Luo Shugang, Ambassador of China to Pakistan Yao Jing and the Pakistan officials.