New Delhi: Describing the current political situation in West Asia as dangerous and sad, Iran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif said that Iran is not interested in negotiating with the US. “Iran is interested in diplomacy, not interested in negotiating with the US,” the minister said in Raisina Dialogue. US did not keep its commitments under the nuclear deal. “We had a US deal and the US broke it. If we have a Trump deal, how long will it last?” Zarif said. Also Read - Shooting The Messenger? Person Who Filmed Iran Plane Crash Arrested

“We incurred a loss of hundreds of billions of dollars because of the current tensions,” the minister said. Also Read - Iran Announces Arrests Over Downing of Ukranian Plane That Killed 176 Civilians

“The US didn’t like General Soleimani, although he was the single most effective force against Daesh. If you don’t believe me, see they are celebrating. Who are celebrating the death of Soleimani? Not the ordinary people, but Trump, Pompeo and Daesh,” the minister said. Also Read - 'Don't Kill Your Protesters', Trump Warns Iran; Claims Sanctions, Demonstrations 'Choked off' The Country

We need to create hope in the region, we have to get rid of despair. The killing of Qasem Soleimani shows ignorance and arrogance of the US, the minister said adding that 430 Indian cities saw protests against his killing.

India’s flagship global conference on geopolitics, the Raisina Dialogue, began on Tuesday with seven former heads of state or government sharing their perspectives on challenges facing the world, including the US-Iran tensions, Afghan peace initiatives and climate change. On Tuesday, Jaishankar had said Indian foreign policy seeks to achieve a broad engagement with many parties and “managing if not leveraging global contradictions, advancing our interests in a multipolar world and contributing to global good”.