China’s deadly ‘wet markets’ that are notorious for allegedly being the ‘creators of coronavirus’ have reopened, at a time when rest of the world is dealing with a full-blown pandemic. But, they are not the only one.Also Read - China Reopens 'Wet Markets' Selling Bats, Cats and Dogs Despite Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic

Reportedly, New York City too has over 80 wet markets that sell ten animal species, including goats, sheep, chickens, guinea hens, rabbits, pigeons, Muscovy ducks, and quail, as per a report by These establishments, just like China’s live markets, are ill-famed for being unhygienic and cruel to animals–a recipe for disaster.

As per PETA, live-animal markets are blood-soaked slaughterhouses where the public can choose live animals, such as chickens and rabbits, who are then slaughtered while the customer waits. Apart from this absolute barbarism, these animals are kept in cramped, and filthy cages, while being denied food and water

Since 2016, animal rights activists, epidemiologists and public health advocates have been pleading to the authorities to shut these markets down in order to prevent the transmission and spread of infectious diseases, but to no avail.

“New York City’s wet markets are a ticking time bomb. If avian flu or another infectious disease is transmitted to just one human, it could spread very rapidly in New York City and beyond, as we have seen with COVID-19.” said Jill Carnegie, a co-organizer with Slaughter Free NYC.

The issue which recently came to light, has sparked outrage on social media, with activists and the public alike demanding these markets to shut down:

If these wet markets continue to operate, the next pandemic will be imminent.