New Delhi: Now that the United States and China are fighting over the pandemic of COVID-19 and the World Health Organisation is the pawn, there is no end in mudslinging. China’s official media Xinhua news has now created an animation in which it has lambasted the US approach to deal with the global pandemic. Also Read - Three-Phase Unlock 1.0 From Tomorrow: States Decide Dos List, Centre Clears Don'ts List

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China: We discovered a new virus.
America: So what?

China: It’s Dangerous
America: It’s only a Flu

China: Wear a Mask
America: Don’t wear a Mask

The characters in the animation video go on like this. Meanwhile, the character representing China says several times that the virus is airborne. In the past, there have been controversies over whether coronavirus is airborne or not. So far, it’s said that the novel coronavirus is not airborne.

In the video, China is basically accusing the US of ignoring the alerts that it has been sounding since December. It claims that the US dismissed all the preventive measures China was taking and then accused China and WHO of misguiding.