Orlando, June 13: Father of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, Seddique Mateen, was the host of a television show aired on an Afghan channel in United States. Seddique was the political commentator on the show, which used to air his critical views against Pakistan, its spy agency Inter-State Services (ISI) and their policy towards Afghanistan. In his show, Seddique did not refrain from calling Pakistan’s ISI as the ‘creator and father of global terrorism’.Also Read - Victory of Islam: Pak Minister Sheikh Rasheed After India-Pakistan T20 World Cup Match | Video

The channel, named as ‘Payam-e-Afghan’, was ran by one Omar Khattab, who owns a California-based satellite. Seddique used to appear on the show titled as ‘Durand Jirga’ which highlighted the socio-political condition in Afghanistan. The show enjoyed a viewership among the expatriate Afghans. (ALSO READ: Orlando Shooting: All you need to know about Omar Mateen who massacred 50 people at Florida gay nightclub) Also Read - Kashmiri Students Allegedly Thrashed At Punjab Colleges After India's Humiliating Defeat to Pakistan In T20 World Cup

Seddique Mateen expressed shock yesterday after it was found that his son had gunned down 50 people inside Pulse nightclub of Orlando, which hosted only gays. In an interview with NBC, Seddique claimed that his family had no clue that Omar was intended to stage any such violent attack against the gays. However, he confirmed the fact that Omar was homophobic. “He saw two gays kissing each other in front of his wife and child. Omar was enraged on seeing it. But no one knew what he was up to,” Seddique said. Also Read - Here's Why Indian Team Took a Knee in T20 World Cup Match Against Pakistan

Seddique reiterates that the whole incident has nothing do with religion. He has denied his son’s links to any transnational terror outfit.