Islamabad, Aug 13: A young Pakistani couple has been arrested for allegedly kissing and cuddling in a car in Pakistan’s capital city. As per reports, the couple, aged around 18-19 years, have been booked for ‘obscene acts’.

Investigating officer Zulfiqar Ahmed said that police received a complaint yesterday that the couple were “kissing and cuddling” in a car parked in Islamabad’s city centre.

Ahmed claimed that the couple were still busy kissing and cuddling when the police reached the spot. The couple were taken to the Karachi Company Police Station in Islamabad where they were booked and later released on bail, a media report claimed.

Senior police officer Muhammad Basheer also claimed that the couple were “kissing”. Young couples visiting parks and shopping centres in Islamabad are often harassed, blackmailed and extorted by police officials in the conservative Muslim-majority country, the report said.

Several officials in the past have been booked for harassing and extorting young couples in public places.