New York: Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Saturday said that war with India is not an option and the solution to mending ties with the country is dialogue as a senior US official urged Pakistan to work for promoting peace in South Asia. Speaking to Al Jazeera, the Pakistani Foreign Minister reiterated that the only possible solution to resolve the issues between the two countries is dialogue. Since Imran Khan took office, he has been requesting “constructive, peaceful dialogue” with India, he said.

“What we did, we thought made sense. Two neighbours with outstanding issues, atomic powers. How do you fix things? War is no option. There is no military solution. The only solution is a dialogue,” he said, reiterating Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech after winning the general election: “You take one step towards peace, we will take two.” He further said that the new government wants to resolve the matters through a dialogue.

Qureshi on Friday raked up the Kashmir issue with United Nations and urged it to intervene and solve the matter between India and Pakistan. He even alleged human rights violations in the Kashmir.

Earlier, Qureshi had said that despiteIndia’ss reluctance, Islamabad would not close doors on its efforts to promote peace in the region. “India is reluctant, we will not close our doors,” the Minister said while addressing a news conference at the Pakistan Embassy. “Hiding away from issues will not make them disappear. It will not improve the situation in Kashmir,” Dawn online quoted Qureshi as saying.

“Engagement, no-engagement. Coming, not coming. We desired talks as we believe the sensible way is to meet and talk. They agreed, and then disagreed,” he said, adding that India’s response to Pakistan’s peace offer was harsh and non-diplomatic. “We did not use a non-diplomatic language in our rejoinder. Our response was matured and measured. They adopted a new approach, and moved back.”

The development came a few days after India pulled out of a dialogue with Pakistan which was supposed to take place on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York blaming it for the killing of three soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir’s Shopian.