Karachi, February 28: The exiled chief of the main political party in Pakistan’s largest city is facing investigation for allegedly talking about sex to a group of male and female staff, police said today.

Altaf Hussain, the head of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), had been filmed explaining intercourse to the workers in Karachi via phone from London, according to police. A woman who saw the footage online of the alleged talk alerted police, who have now filed a case against Hussain.(ALSO READ: Pakistan alleges BBC report on MQM confirms Indian involvement in unrest).

“We have registered a case against Altaf Hussain and 20 of his party colleagues under the charges of publicly uttering immodest words after a woman named as Nasreen filed an application against them,” Rao Muhammad Anwar, senior superintendent of police in the Malir area of Karachi, told AFP.