Islamabad: A Pakistani bureaucrat was captured on camera allegedly stealing a wallet which belonged to a Kuwaiti official. Notably, the Kuwaiti official was one of the delegates who visited Pakistan for discussing investment plans.

According to Pakistani newspaper Dawn, the incident took place when the Kuwaiti official forgot his wallet on a table while all the delegates were leaving the hall. In a video of the incident which is doing rounds on social media, the Pakistani official could be seen lifting and putting the wallet into one of the pockets of his jacket. The Pakistani official has been identified as Zarar Haider Khan, a grade-20 officer of the Pakistan Administrative Services Group, deployed at the finance ministry.

However, a Kuwaiti official has registered a complaint against the Pakistani official. Initially, Zarar Khan denied stealing any wallet from the hall but later accepted his fault and returned the wallet to the authorities, Dawn reported.

An internal inquiry into the matter has been initiated against the bureaucrat. After proper investigation, further action into the matter would be taken, the report said.