Pakistan, October 15: In a very stark reversal of roles, Afghanistan it seems has turned out to be a shelter providing country for Pakistanis fleeing Pakistan. In a shocking bit of news today, it has come to light that, thousands of Pakistani Pashtuns had to flee the country after an unprovoked attack was mounted on them. Also Read - Secret Tunnel Used to Infiltrate Terrorists From Pakistan Detected in J&K's Kathua | Watch

Unbelievable as it seems, the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Air Force collaborated yesterday and led a joint attack on their own citizens residing in the Pakistani region of Waziristan. Waziristan is a mountainous region covering the North Waziristan and South Waziristan agencies,  After the unprovoked attack was launched, thousands of Pakistanis fled the country and crossed the border to seek refuge in Afghanistan. They have all been set up temporarily in the Khost area of Afghanistan. Also Read - China Pakistan Economic Corridor- Part 4- Chinese Mathematics of Debt

The reason for launching full blown air strikes and ground attacks on harmless civilians seems unclear. However, the excuse which will most probably be given by the Pakistani military will be that the attack was meant to target the Taliban. It also has to be noted, that the Pakistani military had launched the attack with complete knowledge that they were targeting civilians. (ALSO READ: India to mount diplomatic offensive against Pakistan at BRICS meet ) Also Read - China Pakistan Economic Corridor: When China Invested in Pakistan, They Did The Math

The real brunt had to be borne by innocent civilians who had no idea why they were being targeted by those who were meant to protect them and that too with such brutal force. Speaking to the news agency ANI, a Pakistani Pashtun who sought shelter in Afghanistan said, “All of a sudden Pakistan Government bombarded our place without any warning. We weren’t told what to do and where to go.” Another poor civilian, who too fled to Khost commented, ” The (Pakistan) military harassed us Pashtuns. On the pretext of being after Taliban, the Pakistan Army destroyed everything that came their way.Those who couldn’t even walk had to run to save their lives; can’t explain the difficulties I faced while crossing over here.”

Some of the Pashtuns were outright angry at the Army and commented that they should be targeting the cities of Islamabad and Karachi where the real terrorists were hiding. Making this observation, a refugee said to ANI, “Pakistan is looking for one or the other excuse to destroy us. This fight has been forced on us for the past 40 years.Sometimes Pakistan fights with the US, sometimes with neighbours. We people of Waziristan have never been on the side of terrorists. Everyone knows where the so-called terrorists are hiding and operating. They are hiding in Islamabad and Karachi.”

The brutality exhibited by the Pakistani military though somewhat expected is extremely shocking. Militaries are meant to fight enemy states and face off threats to national security. They are not even supposed to target unarmed civilians of enemy nations forget their own!