Paris, November 14: Armed terrorist struck six locations in Paris, killing around 127 people and injuring more than 100 with another hostage crisis repeated in 2015. The attack which shook the nation and whole world had declared a state of emergency in the European nation.

On Saturday morning French President Francois Hollande said, “The total number of people died in the attack is 127 and many were injured”. Hollande held ISIS responsible for the attack. Hollande said, “Attacks were planned, organised from abroad with the help from insiders in france”. Read Also: (Paris Attack: Bloodbath at Bataclan nightclub where rock band ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ was performing)

Hollande further said, that the attack is an ‘act of war’ by Islamic State jihadists.

On Friday night Paris the capital of France, turned into a war zone, where everyone was running for shelter. Sirens of police vehicles, ambulances and paramedics rushing to the spot, military officials were seen on the street of Paris. The city witnessed horrific scenes and more stories are yet to come.

The attacks came on Friday night when the residents, students were relaxing and spending their time in restaurant, nightclubs, cafeteria and a big group was watching a friendly footbal match between France and Germany. Read Also: (Paris Attack: A detailed eyewitness account of deadly attack which left 153 dead)

Excited fans who were happy with their country winning the match with 2-0 were left under the blood pool by terrorists who opened fired at them. The weekend excitement turned into screams and clueless people were panicked to save their lives.

One of the biggest target where reportedly 100 people died was at Bataclan nightclub and concert hall in Paris’s Place de la République where American band Eagles of Death Metal were performing live show with loud music. The music was not so much loud that it can mask the gun fire sounds.

Experts beleive that in last few years Islamic State’s symphatisers have increased in France. Many have been reportedly made their way to join the ‘Islamic Caliphate’ and many are frequently returning back to the European nations.

The French authorities are overwhelmed by the numbers of ISIS men are joining the Syrian fight. They’ve opened surveillance files into more than 5,000 Islamic extremists throughout the country. There have been more than a thousand French nationals traveling to Syria and Iraq.

The Paris attack happened in 30 minutes which suggest that it was a long way back planned attack on the country.

Many beleive after Friday’s attack on Paris the terrorist had taken the war to the next level by showing their intention to attack on a football stadium where more than 80,000 viewers were watching the game and over millions have heard the live bomb blast on television when the game was on.

Observers belive that suicide bombing outside the stadium where France is playing their national game under the presence of their Prime Minister Francois Hollande is a direct challenge to France and other European nation. Read Also: (Paris Attack: Watch what happens when suicide bombing took place near football stadium)

France and Germany were playing at Stade de France on Friday evening. As it happened the home team was about to win the match with 2-0, but no one cared about the game as a huge explosion was heard at the stadium.

The explosion can be clearly heard when Patrice Evra was passing the ball, even the star player of France was little confused about the huge sound and the crowd started cheering thinking that its a part of celebration by French fans.

French President Francois Hollande was also present at the venue and was evacuated from the spot after the police helicopters landed on the pitch.

Some eyewitnesses inside the club heard the attackers saying “This is for Syria”, reported Guardian. France has been on high alert since joining the American-led campaign of air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.