Father-Son-conversation at Bataclan Paris attacks

After the Charlie Hebdo killings, Paris was attacked yet again by the Islamic State (IS) terrorists on Friday, November 13. The terrorist group, earlier known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), claimed responsibility for the six attacks across the French capital. The attacks left over 130 people dead and many injured, and since then, tributes are pouring in by the droves for the victims. Many videos and pictures from Paris have also been shared on social media since last week. But this video of a father and son talking about the Paris attacks while at the Bataclan Theatre memorial site in Paris is most special!

Shared by the Le Petit Journal whose reporter got the Vietnamese father and son talking about the incident, the video is something to be seen by everyone who supports peace (yes, sadly ‘peace or violence’ is an option these days). We have the French video with English subtitles for you!

Angel Le, the Vietnamese father who lives in Paris, answers the questions of his son Brandon about the Paris attacks and also reassures him that the flowers and candles at the memorial are “for protection”, as the child says. The kid also speaks to the reporter about the “mean” terrorists, but his father asks him not to be afraid of them.

This is a must-see video in the aftermath of the Paris attacks!