Several people told authorities they heard gunfire outside the Pulse nightclub while relatives and friends of those inside relayed messages of terror, according to emergency 911 calls released on Tuesday, August 30. “My brother just texted me right now. He says he`s in there and there`s been a shooting and there`s a lot of people dead,” one caller said.Also Read - Homophobic tweets in aftermath of Orlando shootings: Here are the anti-gay voices which supported Omar Mateen

There were 49 people killed and 53 wounded at the gay nightclub shooting in June, which was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. One woman inside the club can be heard screaming “Oh my God” after emergency dispatchers called her cellphone at the suggestion of a patron of the club who said he heard more than ten gunshots just as he was leaving Pulse. Asked if he heard any subsequent gunshots after the initial burst, he said, ” No, as soon as I heard that, we ran.” Inside the club, people reported on the carnage. Also Read - Orlando shooter Omar Mateen's father hosted television show critical of Pakistan, called ISI 'creator of terrorism'

“One of our friends sent us a text and he said that he`s been shot and he`s in the bathroom and no one sees him,” one caller told 911. Another said his ex-girlfriend was hiding inside one of the club`s bathrooms with at least 18 people. “They are all afraid they are going to die,” he said. ” One woman inside the club could be heard screaming “Oh my God” after emergency dispatchers called her cellphone at the suggestion of a concerned friend. (ALSO READ: Florida Pulse Club shooting: Gunman ‘with a suicide vest’ shot 20 people dead in gay nightclub, terror angle not ruled out) Also Read - 'This was an act of terror and act of hate', says US President Barack Obama on Florida mass shooting

Many callers said they were receiving intermittent texts and calls from their loved ones inside the club. “She texted because she`s afraid that whoever is in there shooting people, is going to hear them,” he explained. In one chilling exchange, the caller tells the operator the shooter has found his ex-girlfriend`s hiding spot.

“The shooters are in the bathroom with her?,” the operator asks. “The shooters are there,” the caller said before correcting himself, and adding, “the shooters are here.”

Shooter Omar Mateen was killed by police after he took hostages during a three-hour standoff inside the Pulse nightclub. Mateen, 29, pledged allegiance to the leader of Islamic State during the rampage in which he used an assault rifle and pistol that had been legally purchased although he had twice been investigated by the FBI for possible connections with militant Islamist groups.

U.S. authorities believe that Mateen, who lived in Fort Pierce, Florida, with his wife and young child, was self-radicalized and acted alone without assistance or orders from abroad.