New Delhi: Chicago police charged three people with murder on Thursday for killing a pregnant teenager and taking her baby from her womb after her death. On April 23, an acquaintance of the 19-year-old victim Marlen Ochoa-Lopez was called to their home on the pretext of providing free baby supplies including clothes and other donated items. Also Read - Man Beaten to Death After He Visits Girlfriend's Home on Hearing About Her Marriage to Someone Else

However, Lopez was reportedly strangled to death with the help of a coaxial cable before her unborn baby was taken from the womb, stated police. The accused have been identified as Clarisa Figueroa (46) and her daughter Desiree (24). They have been charged with first-degree murder. Besides, Piotr Bobak (40), the elder Figueroa’s boyfriend, was also charged for hiding the murder. Also Read - Chennai: Woman Strangles Covid Patient To Death Inside a Hospital, Needed Money, Cellphone

Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson reportedly said, “I can’t even pretend to imagine what that family is going through right now. They should be celebrating the birth of a young baby. Instead, they’re mourning the loss of the mother and possibly that young child.” He termed the murder as”disgusting and thoroughly disturbing.” Also Read - Mallika Sherawat Reveals She Was 'Almost Morally Assassinated' After Murder, Says 'I Was Judged'

Meanwhile, the body of Ochoa-Lopez was recovered from a garbage can while police searched Figueroa’s home on Tuesday night.  A report quoted deputy chief Brendan Deenihan as saying, “Apparently, Miss Ochoa had bought other baby items from Clarissa, so they knew each other.”

The teenager was nine-months-pregnant when she had gone to Figueroa’s home, stated the police. The elder Figueroa had reportedly dialled the emergency number and alleged that the teenager had delivered a baby and the baby was not breathing. This took place within four hours of Lopez, identified through surveillance cameras, driving on a street.

The Chicago police had received the search warrant after the DNA evidence confirmed that the baby was related to Ochoa-Lopez. Meanwhile, the baby has been hospitalized and is reported to be in serious condition.

Police were able to finally solve the case based on a Facebook conversation between Figueroa and Lopez.