Riyadh, May 15: Ramadan 2018 which is the holiest month of Islamic lunar calendar, will begin from May 17 i.e. Thursday in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar as the moon couldn’t be sighted today. “The moon could not be sighted tonight, the first day of Ramadan will be Thursday, May 17,” Gulf News reported. Muslims in Gulf countries looked for the crescent moon on the evening of May 15 to determine the beginning of Ramadan month. Also Read - Qatar Authorities Identify Parents Who Abandoned Infant At Airport Toilet

Ramadan 2018 Date For Saudi Arabia: If the moon is sighted on May 15 (Tuesday), fasting for Ramadan will begin from May 16, which is on Wednesday. If the moon is not sighted on May 15, Muslims will search for it on May 16 and Ramadan will then definitely begin from May 17, Thursday. The crescent moon, if seen in Saudi on May 15, is expected to be seen in Asian subcontinent on May 16. The believers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other parts of South Asia would be looking for the crescent moon on May 16. Muslims in United States, United Kingdom and other European countries follow Saudi Arabia moon reports. Also Read - Grenade Blast at Jeddah Cemetery in Saudi Arabia Injures Many, One Suspect Arrested

During Ramadan, Muslims observe dawn-to-dusk fast. Ramadan is not about being hungry but the real purpose is to attain purity and piousness in order to be closer to Allah. Observing fast during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of the Islamic faith. They eat Sehri, which is an Islamic term referring to the meal consumed early in the morning before fasting, and break their fast at Iftar, the evening meal consumed to break the fast at the sunset. Muslims skip food from dawn (Fajr) to dusk (Maghrib) during this month. Also Read - Saudi Public Investment Fund to Invest Rs 9555 Crore in Reliance Retail Ventures