New Delhi: Even as the United States continues to be the worst-affected country due to novel coronavirus, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 in the country will jump to a horrific 3,000 per day and fresh cases per day to 200,000, by June 1, local media quoted an internal draft report as projecting. Also Read - White House Blocks Fauci From Testifying Before Congress on Trump Administration's Coronavirus Response

This comes even as the US, in the last 24 hours, recorded its lowest single-day tally of fresh cases (1,015), in a month. Its current COVID-19 tally stands at 1.2 million, including nearly 70,000 deaths, as well as 160,000 patients who have recovered. Also Read - 'Glad to See Him Back And Well,' Trump Tweets as Kim Jong-Un Makes 1st Public Appearance in 20 Days

Quoting the figures, The New York Times remarked that ‘the numbers underscored a sobering reality,’ which it said, was that while the US has been hunkered down for the last seven weeks, nothing much has changed. Also Read - Trump Confident That Coronavirus Originated From Wuhan Lab, Threatens China With Fresh Tarrifs

“Reopening the economy will make the matters worse,’ it further said.

Quoting the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the paper warned that ‘there are several counties whose burdens continue to grow.’ The CDC, however, has disavowed the report, with the associate professor who prepared it telling The Washington Post that he presented it to the CDC only as a ‘for your information,’ adding that it was, in no way, intended to be a forecast.

The White House, on its part, said, “This is not a White House document nor has it been presented to the Coronavirus Task Force or gone through inter-agency vetting. This data is not reflective of any of the modelling done by the task force or data that it has analysed.’

The report comes amid over a dozen states easing COVID-19 restrictions, and another more than a dozen announcing plans to do so in the coming days.

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