London, June 23: Even as the United Kingdom voted whether to stay or leave with the European Union in a historic referendum on Thursday, British media predicted that Britain is poised to leave. As the results almost reached their conclusion, with the ‘Leave’ camp getting 52% to 48% going in the ‘Remain’ camp according to BBC’s tally, all of British media predicted win for Brexit. Most of British media seems convinced that the UK will leave the 28-nation EU, after 43 years of the formation, setting Europe back in its efforts for a unified region. Also Read - Air Travel Latest News: British Airways Announces Flights to London From These 4 Cities From August 17

As early as 4.40 am, BBC reported that UK will leave European Union, while it’s current tall confirms the country’s economy’s worst fears. Already the early forecast of a Brexit win reflected on the currency, with the Pound falling to a 31-year low, with a 5% plunge. As the almost half a century of relationship of the UK with 28 nations of the rest of Europe comes to a potential end, with Friday’s result, Prime Minister David Cameron’s political career, not to mention potentially start an anti-EU movement across the continent, starting with Scotland. ALSO READ: EU referendum LIVE Results: Britain has voted to leave EU, says BBC’s tally Also Read - Mumbai-based Wockhardt Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Deal With UK Govt, Including Oxford Cure

‘Leave’ camp supporters have already begun celebrating as the results have predicted a sure shot victory. Meanwhile, Leave campaigner Nigel Farage, proclaimed today as ‘Britain’s Independence Day’. He claimed that the victory was “dawn was breaking on an independent United Kingdom”, also hoping aloud that this would trigger a complete breakdown on the European Union. Author Joanne Kathleen Rowling also ominously predicted that the referendum result will now also embolden Scotland to leave. Also Read - Secret Graffiti Artist 'Banksy' Auctions Three Paintings For Children's Hospital in Bethlehem, Artworks Fetch £2.2 Million

Supporters of Brexit broke out into celebrations in England, as they hailed the historic divorce of Britain from the European Union. Celebrations have already begun, as people wave England’s flags, unmindful of the uncertain future that the result might throw the country in.

(Image Credits: AFP)