New Delhi: In a big feat, a Russian pilot landed a bird-hit Airbus A321 in a cornfield on Thursday with 226 passengers and seven crew members on board- with no casualties.

The aircraft lost both its engines after seagulls hit it but the pilot managed to etch his name in history by performing an emergency landing in a cornfield.

Twenty-three people are reported to have suffered some injuries but no one died, officials confirmed.

The Washington Post quoted governor of the Sverdlovsk Region, Yevgeny Kuyvashev as saying, “The Ural Airlines crew showed fantastic skill and endurance. The aircraft commander is Yekaterinburg [resident] Damir Yusupov. He and his team saved 233 lives. Heroes.”

In pictures doing rounds on the internet, the plane can be seen resting its belly in the cornfield where the corn has grown to its full height. An aerial video also showed the aircraft curring across several rows of corn before coming to a halt.

The passengers were then made to disembark the airbus via the emergency exit. All 23 injured were immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

The jet was headed from Moscow’s Zhukovsky Airport to Simferopol, in Crimea.