New Delhi: A flight from Tomsk to Moscow made an urgent landing after Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny who was in the plane complained of severe discomfort and fell unconscious from suspected poisoning, reports said. The plane landed in Omsk where Alexey was taken to a hospital. The 44-year-old Kremlin critic is under ventilation. He is serious, stable, reports said. Also Read - Sputnik V: World's First COVID-19 Vaccine Now Available to Public in Russia, Claim Reports

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“We assume that Alexey was poisoned with something mixed into the tea. It was the only thing that he drank in the morning. Doctors say the toxin was absorbed faster through the hot liquid,” said his spokesperson Kira Yarmysh, as quoted by CNN.

In July last year, Alexey suspected poisoning when he was in the police custody and suffered a mysterious allergic reaction.

In 2017, he endured chemical burns to his eye when attackers threw green antiseptic at his face outside his office.