Moscow (Russia): Russian Ambassador to India Nikolay Kudashev Thursday said that the United States sanctions will not be a hindrance in signing more defence deals with India in near future. Kudashev also said that New Delhi and Moscow could soon sign agreements on frigates and Kalashnikov assault rifles in “two-three months”.

“In the coming months, you can expect more deals. Talks are on, this is the normal process. We hope that within two-three months… We could soon have a deal on frigates, it is very much on the agenda of the two sides, and we could soon have a deal on the Kalashnikov assault rifles,” the Russian Ambassador to India said.

Describing the recently-inked USD 5.4 billion S-400 missile defence system deal as the “largest contract” in the history of Indo-Russia ties, he said it was one of the “speediest” agreements to be signed between the two countries and there were no protracted negotiations. The execution of the S-400 missile deal between Russia and India would start in 2020 and would last for five years, he added.

On being asked if it would be right to state that the US sanctions the US law, Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) will not put any pressure on India and Russia for more defence deals in future, he said, “Yes.”

Kudashev’s remarks came a day after US President Donald Trump said that India would soon “find out” if the CAATSA sanctions will apply to the country after its S-400 defence deal with Russia. While interacting with reporters at the Oval Office of the White House, Trump said, “India will find out. Aren’t they? India is going to find out.”

When he was asked “when”, he said, “You will see. Sooner than you think.”

The US embassy spokesperson in New Delhi, however, said that the CAATSA was aimed at Russia. He further added that the law doesn’t intend to damage the military capabilities of its “allies and partners”.