New Delhi: At least 10 people including children have been shot at in a mass shooting at an apartment complex in San Bernardino, California.  A spokesman for the San Bernardino Police Department informed that three victims were in dire condition. “We got a call about 10:45 PM for shots fired. We found 10 victims down at the scene. Three are extremely critical,”said San Bernardino spokesman Capt. Richard Lawhead. Also Read - Removing a Condom Without Consent Soon to Become Illegal in California, Will Others Follow Suit?

Police said that the incident happened when people were enjoying games in a common area of an apartment complex on weekend. Also Read - Nurse in California Tests Positive For Coronavirus Week After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine: Report

Notably, the shooting took place a week after four people were killed in a shooting in a mall in Jacksonville, Florida. Eleven people were wounded by the gunfire, of whom four succumbed to their injuries, Efe reported. Also Read - Tragic! Mexican Singer Jerry Demara Dies in 'Unbearable Pain' After Wrongly Injecting Vitamin Into His Buttocks

The police said a mass shooting led to multiple fatalities and warned people to stay “many blocks” away. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter that the shooting took place in Jacksonville Landing, a downtown market place, and warned everyone to stay “many blocks” away from the area, as the area “is not safe at this time”.