School Reopening News: After all central Board exams have been postponed, states in India are far from reopening schools and colleges. Though online classes are being held, since final year exams and several competitive exams stand postponed, the academic year will get delayed. As of now, it has been decided that schools will reopen only after August 15 — that too in a staggered manner, maintaining optimum social distancing. Also Read - People Who Stayed Home Before Lockdown Helped Slow COVID-19 Spread

In fact, schools are closed across the world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. China reopened schools but then Beijing ordered shutting down of schools again as the second wave hit China. Also Read - Alert! Stop Using These 9 Hand Sanitisers ASAP, FDA Issues Warning

However, there are some countries which have reopened schools. Also Read - On Call, PM Modi, Russian President Putin Discuss Bilateral Ties, Post-COVID World

1. Taiwan: The number of cases didn’t even cross 500.

2. Germany

3. Denmark

4. Sweden

5. Norway

6. France

7. Vietnam

8. New Zealand

9. Iceland

10. South Korea

Interestingly, several of these countries have reopened junior sections as they believe children are less likely to contract COVID-19.