Astronomers have unveiled the most detailed and precise 3D map of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The new map was created with the help of data collected by the European Space Agency’s Gaia space probe that has been scanning the stars since 2013.Also Read - Another Earth? New Study Says There Could Be at Least 300 Million Potentially Habitable Worlds in Our Galaxy

In the photo released by ESA/Gaia space observatory, trails show how 40,000 stars in the galaxy will move across the sky in the next 400,000 years. Also Read - Black Holes Don't Suck in Objects Like Vacuum Cleaner: Expert Busts Popular Myth

Another set of researchers have said that the Earth is more closer to the black hole at the center of Milky Way than they thought earlier. The galaxy has a massive black hole at the center called Sagittarius A*. Also Read - Astronomers Capture First Ever Photo of Black Hole, Twitterati Turn it Into Hilarious Memes

The new map shows that the black hole is 25,800 light-years away. However, that is a huge distance and the Earth won’t be pulled apart inside the black hole as scientists believe anytime soon.

The new data from the map could help scientists unravel many mysteries about the solar system’s future and the universe’s expansion.

Data from this map shows the location and movement of under two billion stars. It can give highly accurate measurements of about 300,000 stars within 326 light years of our solar system.

Also, the map shows that the orbit of our solar system is accelerating towards the center of the Milky Way galaxy by 7 millimeters per second.

A lot scientific questions can be answered now with a new clear view of the stars in motion. These include how the Milky Way was formed, where are the solar system and other stars heading, along with distribution of dark matter throughout the galaxy.

The European Space Agency revealed the map and also uploaded a video on YouTube of how stars move in the Milky Way. Watch it here: