Seattle, US: Two people have been killed and as many injured in north Seattle after a gunman opened fire on Sand Point Way.

Reportedly, a man opened fire at several cars on the Sand Point Way before crashing his stolen vehicle. The accused first shot a woman, whose car he tried to steal before going on a killing spree. The woman is critically injured.

After a failed attempt to carjack the woman’s car, the gunman shot the driver of a Metro bus. The driver though injured, managed to park the bus on side of the road. The accused gunman then killed another male driver sitting in a car, stole it and fled from the scene.

While being chased by the police, the accused rammed his stolen vehicle into another car, with a 70-year-old driver, who was killed instantly.

The gunman has been arrested and sent to a hospital for medical clearance.

This is a breaking story, more details awaited.