New Delhi: A senior Trump administration official has allegedly created a fake Time magazine cover depicting her face in its Special Edition and submitted an embellished resume to secure the top State Department position, stated a report.

The fabricated photo of Mina Chang on the fake Time magazine cover sported a swaggering headline that said, “We change the world: Modern humanitarian in the digital age.” An investigation conducted by NBC News journalists revealed that the 35-year-old Trump administration appointee had inflated her resume by providing misleading details on her work history. It must be noted that Mina Chang began her work at the State Department in the month of April this year. Chang was even waiting to be promoted to a senior-level post at the United States Agency for International Development’s Bureau for Asia before her nomination was squashed in September without any explanation, added the NBC News report.

Besides, Chang also exaggerated her educational qualification in her resume. She claimed to be an alumna of the Harvard Business School when in fact she just completed an eight-week course named ‘Advanced Management Program’, stated a report by The Post quoting the chief marketing and communications officer of Harvard Business School Brian Kenny. Chang even lied about delivering speeches at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, when in fact she only addressed an international affairs policy summit named ‘Global Oval’, added the report. Notably, the Global Oval was convened in the cities where the Republican and Democratic National Conventions were held.

In yet another incident last year, a 24-year-old former Trump campaign worker was fired after there were doubts regarding his qualifications. He was appointed to a top position in the White House’s drug policy office before being fired from the job, stated the report.