New Delhi: United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday attributed ‘the Chinese threat’ to India and southeast nations as one of the reasons behind the US reducing its number of troops in Europe and deploying them at other places.Also Read - 'A Rogue Actor Not Just in Its Neighbourhood': Pompeo Slams Chinese Communist Party

Pompeo made this remark in his virtual address to the Brussels Forum, when asked about why the number of US troops in Germany had been reduced. Also Read - 'China Using Sino-India Border Situation to Their Advantage,' Says US State Secy Mike Pompeo

Responding to the question, Pompeo said, “There’ll be fewer US resources at certain places, they’ll be at other places as there’s threat from Chinese Communist Party to India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, South China Sea. We’ll make sure we are postured appropriately to counter People’s Liberation Army”.

Notably, India and China have been in a standoff in eastern Ladakh since May. However, on the night of June 15, tensions exploded in a violent fashion, with Chinese troops attacking Indians, leading to 20 Indian soldiers, including a Colonel, being killed in action. Despite being outnumbered and ambushed, Indian troops also retaliated, inflicting an unspecified number of casualties on the Chinese.

Earlier this month, amid India-China tensions, the US Navy had deployed three aircraft carriers to the Pacific Ocean for the first time in years, drawing swift reaction from China.

This latest statement by the US Foreign Secretary comes a week after he conveyed his condolences to India for its losses in the June 15 incident, also hitting out at China’s ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), whom he went on to describe as a ‘rogue actor’.