Frustration gets to each and every one of us at a workplace. While some chose to bottle things up and vent it out through constructive ways like outdoor activities or Yoga, sarcasm becomes a defense mechanism to process anger. Here, in Texas a man who was getting his colonoscopy done was sedated but for some strange reason decided to record the conversation while he was passed.

The audio clip revealed some shocking comments made anesthesiologist Tiffany M. Ingham, who was hogging the conversation with her colleagues. Ingham was formerly with Air National Guard and her lack of compassion towards the patient’s pain was startling. The audio tape recorded her calling the patient a “Big whimp”, “He must have tuberculosis in his penis” and “I wanted to punch you in the face and man you up a little bit”.

Her fellow doctors chipped in and blamed the internet for the city’s paranoia about diseases. Ingham’s rant took a while to halt. There were some “retard” taunts too. The conversation also recorded a senior doctor, Soloman Shah saying, “As long as you are not having Ebola, you are fine”.

The case was brought to the notice of the Virginia board of medicine and disciplinary action was taken again the doctors.  The jury handed the patient with $100,000 for defamation — $50,000 each for the comments made on Syphilis and the Penis and $200,000 in punitive damages. Dr. Ingham went missing and had moved out of the hospital.

(The story and the audio clip first appeared on the Washington Post)