Singapore, Mar 23: The founding father of Singapore passed away on March 23 after he was on life support battling severe pneumoniaThe update was issued after Lee’s son and Singapore’s current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong visited him in hospital, where the 91-year-old has been admitted for 46 days now. (READ-Lee Kuan Yew: Visionary and icon of Asian politics)

Lee, one of Asia’s towering post-colonial leaders, has been on mechanical ventilation, a form of life support, since February 21 after being admitted on February 5 with severe pneumonia. His condition took a turn for the worse on Tuesday, when he contracted an infection. On Wednesday, the PMO said his condition had “deteriorated further” and that he remained “critically ill” in the ICU. Thousands of Singaporeans visited the hospital and a community centre to leave flowers, gifts and emotional messages of support for the ailing British-educated lawyer who steered the city-state to prosperity.

According to local media, the prime minister also mingled with well-wishers who were present outside the hospital early today. Lee was the first Prime Minister of modern Singapore since independence in 1965 till 1990. Singapore’s economic and development success is attributed to Lee’s strong leadership during his 30 years of leadership. Since yesterday, his condition had taken a turn for the worse, the PMO said.