Coronavirus Vaccine Latest Update: As per analysis of data obtained 21 days after administering the first dose, Russia said the efficacy of its vaccine Sputnik V is 91.4%. A statement in this regard was issued by Russia on Monday. Also Read - Eating These Food Items Can Reduce Your Risk of Dying Owing to COVID-19

Russia had earlier this year become the first country in the world to approve a Covid-19 vaccine- Sputnik-V. Also Read - Jayalalitha's Close Aide Sasikala Freed After Spending 4 Years in Jail, to Remain in Hospital For Now

“Calculation was based on the analysis of data of volunteers (n = 22 714) who received both the first and second doses of the Sputnik V vaccine or placebo at the third and final control point of 78 confirmed cases in accordance with the Phase III clinical trials protocol,” Russia stated in a statement. Also Read - United Kingdom Launches New Global Platform to Track New COVID-19 Variants

As per updates on official website of Sputnik-V, the “advance to the third and final statistically significant representative control point allowed for the final proof of the efficacy of the vaccine of over 90 per cent.”

Russia also claimed that the experimental vaccine’s efficacy against severe cases of Covid-19 was 100 per cent. The country further added that 20 severe cases were recorded in the placebo group while none were recorded in the vaccine group.

Detailing the protocol of Phase 3 clinical trials of Sputnik-V, the statement from Russia said the vaccine’s interim efficacy was calculated at three statistically significant representative control points. There were- upon reaching 20, 39 and 78 cases of Covid-19 among volunteers both in the placebo and vaccine groups.

More than 26,000 volunteers have been vaccinated as part of the double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled Phase 3 post-registration clinical trials of Sputnik V in Russia. Notably, the Sputnik-V vaccine will publish research data corresponding to the clinical trials in the days to come.