New Delhi: A total of 37 people were killed and over 200 were injured following violent clashes between two Sudanese tribes on Sunday.

The eastern part of Sudan has been gripped with rage and protest since last Wednesday after clashes between the Bani Amer tribe and Nuba tribe broke out in Port Sudan, the capital of the Red Sea state.

Following the clashes, on Sunday, the newly-formed Sovereign Council announced a state of emergency in Sudan and dismissed the governor of the state, and the state’s chief of security services for failing to effectively resolve the conflict.

“The sovereign council decided to relieve the governor of the Red Sea and the head of its security apparatus (from their duties),” read a statement released by the Council.

The Sovereign Council also formed an investigating committee to identify the reason for the violence. It also said that those responsible for the clashes will be punished and the victim will be compensated.

Sudan has been observing violence since the former President Omar Bashir was overthrown in a coup. Mass rallies and protests were launched by the opposition parties to demand the ruling military to yield power to civilian authority. The Transitional Military Council (TMC) pledged to hold new presidential elections within two years, however, the protestors insist on an immediate change.

In June, the military forcefully dispersed a sit-in protest camp in Khartoum, that turned it into violent fighting killing dozens of civilians.