New Delhi, December 16: Swiss Banks on Wednesday, released the names of 2,600 holders of accounts which have lain dormant for at least 60 years. These bank accounts, which have lain dormant since 1955, are said to hold some 44 million Swiss francs ($44.5 million)! Media reports also suggested that around 80 safety deposit boxes, with undisclosed contents were also gathering dust in the bank. The release is supposed to give the account holders and their heirs, a last chance to claim their wealth, before it reverts to the state. Also Read - Deposits by Indians in Swiss Banks Fell by 80% Under Modi Govt, Reports of 50% Increase Misleading: Piyush Goyal

A report by Reuters said Wednesday, authorities launched a website, with the help of which, people can search for their dormant accounts. The move came under a new legislation, which will come under effect from January next year. The website, hosts information about bank accounts “for which the last customer contact was at least 60 years ago and the value of which is above CHF (Swiss Franc) 500 or is unknown.” (One Swiss Franc is equals to INR 67.42) Claude-Alain Margelisch, chief executive of the Swiss Bankers Association, told Reuters that the purpose of the whole exercise was to make a last attempt to re-establish contact with the customer. Also Read: Black money: Swiss banks ask Indians to use compliance window Also Read - Will Get Data on Black Money From Switzerland by 2019, Says Piyush Goyal; Assures Action Against Wrongdoers

“For the banks, on the other hand, these new regulations create legal certainty for the treatment of dormant assets”, Margelisch added. More names will be added to the given list, as other accounts reach a period of 60 years. The deadline for submitting requests has been set to one year. from the date of publication of the name. According to Reuters report, unclaimed accounts are a sensitive topic in Switzerland after the World Jewish Congress led a campaign in the 1990s for Swiss banks to return assets of Holocaust victims. Also Read - Money of Indians Stashed in Swiss Banks Rise 50 Per Cent to Over Rs 7,000 Crore; Reverses 3-Year Downward Trend